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A personal tribute to Nick Milligan


The tragic death of Nick Milligan at the weekend cruelly robbed a family of a father, husband, son and brother. It also stole from the advertising industry one of its most colourful, talented and clever practitioners ā€“ and, to many people employed within, great friend.

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Thatcher made you rich

As the high priestess of consumerism, Margaret Thatcher is owed more by the advertising industry than it is probably prepared to admit.

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WPP acts swiftly against JWT India

To its credit, WPP has acted rather more swiftly against JWT than its sister network Y&R once it emerged that one of its creative teams had been responsible for a grossly offensive scam ad for one of its clients.

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Saatchis finally gets its hands on the Midland Bank

In 1987, Saatchi & Saatchi famously made an audacious but ill-fated bid to buy the Midland Bank, then Britain’s fourth-largest.

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Andrex asks: how do you wipe yours?

Andrex has just launched an ad campaign, created by JWT London, inviting the nation to tell the company how they wipe their arses. You can watch it hereĀ (fluffy puppy lovers of a sensitive nature, look away).

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Where was the shooting on the BBC?

The way that theĀ GuardianĀ seemed to appropriate Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony of the London Olympics as some sort of tribute to the Labour Party was almost as ludicrous as those same claims by theĀ Daily MaiĀ and the dim-witted Tory MP Aidan Burley.
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Channel 4’s corporate fat cats must be grateful they’re not running a PLC

There’s quite a lot in Channel 4’s annual report, released today, about what the organisation exists for.

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WPP should honour those who died in the Falklands

There are many reasons why Y&R’s spot for the Argentine Government, filmed in the Falkland Islands, is wrong. Aside from being completely the opposite to the spirit of the Olympic ideal (and one that is being expensively espoused at the moment by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R in the UK), it is also hugely disrespectful to the 255 members of the British armed forces and three Islanders who died in the bloody conflict.

The scene where the Argentine athlete exercises on a memorial to British soldiers of an earlier war is particularly gut-wrenching.

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Dial ‘erm’ for Murdoch

Well annoyingly the old goat put up quite a good performance didn’t he?

Aside from appearing to get mixed up about the name of Campaign‘s beloved leader, the owner of Haymarket Publishing and former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine, with that of the warm milky drink favoured by octogenarians Ovaltine, Rupert Murdoch was today at least mainly lucid and frank.

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Ken Livingstone weeps salty crocodile tears at his ad agency’s script

I can’t say I shared the emotions of London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone when I first saw his his three-minute campaign film.

While Livingstone wept openly, only to be given a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder by Ed Miliband, I just thought it wasn’t very good.

Aside from questions about the veracity of some of the claims, to me it’s mawkish and full of cheap sentiment – but you can make up your own mind by watching it. Read More »

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