Andrex asks: how do you wipe yours?

Andrex has just launched an ad campaign, created by JWT London, inviting the nation to tell the company how they wipe their arses. You can watch it here (fluffy puppy lovers of a sensitive nature, look away).

Accompanied by strangely jaunty music, a cast of characters – jolly farmer, older actress, fat IT nerd (the state of whose pants even Andrex would surely blanch at), squash playing work bully etc – inform us how they remove excess excreta from themselves. A call to action ends the ad, asking us to tell Andrex how we best clean ourselves up after using the loo.

Several blogs have already been written on the ad – one asking if it is ‘the worst campaign ever?’. It’s certainly distasteful but I’m not sure that it’s necessarily that. However it’s probably based on the worst piece of consumer behavioural insight ever.

For a basic fundamental bodily function to form the crux of an ad campaign smacks of desperation. But an attempt to form a social media-fuelled debate around whether you scrunch or fold your loo paper after wiping your arse seems to show a terrible lack of judgment.

  • Reddick

    Bring back Bronco – I wouldn’t try the scruch option, though.

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